Contracting Software Projects

Sharefaith Presenter

VSTO Software -

Sharefaith Presenter is a VSTO PowerPoint plugin. It was built using Visual Studio with C# over the course of a few years. I helped engineer this piece of software when I was the lead engineer for Recently I was brought back in as a contractor to help update the software and to consult on some bugs.

I am still very proud of this piece of software and the amazing team that helped bring it to life. Check it out here:

Personal Software Projects

App Market Analyzer

WPF Software -

App Market Analyzer was created out of my frustrations with the current app market analyzers, especially when it comes to Google Play (Android) market analysis. This tool was built from the ground up to specialize in analyzing the current market trends, optimizing ASO and doing general app keyword research.

Developed using Visual Studio in WPF. I utilized a click once deployment system. Updates happen from an S3 bucket. License checking happens through the parent site.

Number Droids

DirectX Game

Number Droid’s is an educational math based space shooter game built in 2011.

As the game starts, an equation is placed at the top of the screen that will be unfinished, Ex. “3 + 4 =”. The player’s ship starts in the middle of the screen with many Number Droids being placed randomly on the screen moving in random directions. Each of these droids will have a number inside of them. The player needs to fire and destroy the correct Number Droids that add up to the displayed equation answer.

This Windows DirectX game originated from one of my projects from college days. I wanted to build & produce a game that had educational elements to it, harkening back to the day of Number Munchers.

This game was built using C++, the DirectX framework and an installer.

Jennys Meal Planner

Windows Form Project

Jenny’s Meal Planner is a desktop application that allows members to organize and plan out meals. Each meal can be rated, part of a recipe and have a picture associated with it. I used my Calorie Counter food quick search program to search through a user’s meal library. This meal planner also will produce a grocery list based on those meals.

This simple side project was built back in 2010 out of a frustration of the lack of good quality meal planner window programs.

Continued development has been put on hold while the project is being rebirthed as an app. The new meal planner will be built for both iOS and Android app platforms, using Google Firebase as its backend.