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Matthew R Rohr

About Me

Hello, my name is Matthew Rohr and I am both a serial entrepreneur and freelancer. As you can tell from all the numerous projects I have either created or worked on, I love technology!

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I have a bachelors in Computer Science, live in Southern Oregon and married with two kids. I served in the military for eight years and was the lead engineer for a high profile online media resource website for four years.

I am a jack of all trades when it comes to development technology. I learn and adapt quickly. My current passion, aptitude and skill set allows me to take an idea from the drawing board to full production. I have worked with some amazing teams on numerous projects that ranged from natively built iOS/Android apps, WPF/VSTO Windows software to Java/.NET Websites.

When I am not working on my own projects I am freelancing.

Want to see my full work history? Check out my LinkedIn profile:


I am currently looking for my next contracting project!

I like to build long term relationships with my clients. My hours and prices are flexible. I use FreshBooks for both invoicing and time tracking.

I generally charge $50-65 (USD) an hour.

Because of project creep and other factors, I try to stay away from flat rate projects and prefer being paid by the hour. But I am flexible, and we can negotiate!

If you live in Southern Oregon, we can do a meet and greet.


Do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers.

Native App Development

Latest Mobile App Projects

I have 6+ years experience building both native Android and iOS apps. Although lately I have been more focused on Android development.

Check out my latest personal Android project:

  • iOS -> Android conversions
  • Localization
  • Native app development using Android Studio or xCode
  • Java / Objective C / Swift
  • ASO Techniques
  • Third Party Integrations (Ad solutions, Analytics, Custom Integrations)
  • Google Firebase (Real Time DB, Crash Reporting, Analytics….)
  • AWS (back end solution using EC2, S3, Cloud Front, API, RDS, Push and more)
  • Database: Sqlite, MySQL, MSSQL and NoSQL

Website Development

Latest Website Projects

I have over 10 years experience developing websites using Java, .NET and some PHP.

Some of these past website projects I was the sole engineer responsible for the complete development (back to front end), while other projects I was either part of a team or the lead dev. I was also the lead engineer for for four years.

The technologies for many of these high-profile website projects ranged from simple WordPress sites, Ecommerce solutions, to full stack development in both Java and .NET technologies.

  • CMS Systems
  • .Net Website Technologies
  • Java (jsp/springs) Website Technologies
  • WordPress
  • MySQL and MSSQL
  • Various ORM’s including Hibernate
  • AWS Systems (EC2, S3, Cloud Front and more)
  • Front End Development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • API integration and development
  • Linux and Windows Server Admin
  • Admin Panels
  • Membership Systems & Management
  • Customer Service Utilities
  • Custom Metric and Analysis Solutions

Software Development

Latest Software Projects

I have 12+ years’ experience developing software using Windows technologies.

I have engineered multiple Windows WPF, VSTO, VB and C# form applications. Some were basic apps with installers while others required custom back end server solutions that included license checking, Ecommerce integration, custom updaters & installers, api's, customer support and admin tools all custom built using AWS, oAuth and Java/.Net web technologies.

  • WPF
  • VSTO – PowerPoint plug in
  • Window Forms
  • C#, VB
  • Installers
  • License Checking
  • API Integrations
  • E-Commerce Integration

About First Century Thinking LLC

First Century Thinking is Errors and Omissions Insured. All my freelance or contract work is done through First Century Thinking LLC.

First Century Thinking LLC was formed in May of 2011.


Do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers.